walking late into class like

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Ok but this is so wrong why would you do that to your pillow

do it to me instead.


me introducing myself on the first day of school:


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racism, homophobia and sexism are very much alive. I remember being in grade 4 and my teacher talking to us about why racism is bad and why we shouldn’t discriminate against anyone. if I’m being completely honest, it wasn’t until I was 15 struggling with my sexuality that I truly began seeing all the discrimination and prejudice around me. I would never want to be white, straight and privileged just to not be discriminated against. my stomach turns knowing that there’s little black, latino and asian kids who wish this on a regular basis. the world sucks seriously lol. as much as I feel as a whole we are moving away from honophobia, racism and sexism, maybe we aren’t and I just want to believe that we are. the situation in ferguson and everywhere else in the states honestly is horrible. like what is happening to our society as a whole. don’t believe all this is new, it’s been happening for decades. idk man maybe because I’m gay, a minority and raised by just my mom I feel so strongly about these issues. there’s so much I wish I could do. our society is terrible.